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Kitchen kitchenware toys

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Color box size: 45*8.5*35CM

Product size: 36.9*6.8*31.3CM

Three-in-one kitchen cabinet toys, lighting and sound effects in the electric oven (Note: Separated by AG13 Electronics)

Through the sound and light kitchen toys, not only can the baby be satisfied, but also through the game to enhance the feelings between parents and children, giving the baby a chance to show themselves.

  There are some small kitchen utensils for each set in the picture! The toys themselves are ABS green plastic, the back part of the cardboard background! This product can stimulate your baby's potential, visual skills, innovation, collaboration skills, logical association skills, communication skills!

  Tips: The color of the main body of the product is white, the color of the front door box is pink, and the color of the rose is matched with each other. The color is shipped randomly (the color is prepared according to the actual receipt, and the mind is carefully shot). If you have special color requirements, please contact customer service. Thank you! !

Baby figure (kitchen door can be opened):