About Us

Pink Eagle High Fashion Store is a London base company in the United Kingdom selling amongst the best quality clothing and fashion apparels. The name Pink Eagle comes from the company's realisation of the need for love, good health and strength in the world today. As pink is a colour that represents love and heath while eagle represents strength and perseverance.   We put these two power entity together to give rise to the fashion empire Pink Eagle.

Pink Eagle focuses on high fashion and comfort. We believe everyone needs that moment where they "Rise and Slay", not just to impress others but to tap in that strong feminine or masculine side to them.

Our company believes in charity and a big part of our charity project is focussed on breast cancer patients as this is the leading cause of death amongst our women. Each time you shop with our company you help us support breast cancer patients not only in the UK but in other less developed parts of the world.

" We make a living by what we get , but we make a life by what we give"             Winston Churchill

For every dollar you spend with us in the charity section, you touch one life. Additionally you can donate directly if you do not wish to purchase an item.

Feel confident to shop with us and Raise your profile!